Wheatgrass Juice Bar

Melissa Phillips is the owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar and she loves helping busy people get unstuck regarding their weight loss, energy and stress levels. She is an advocate for living a healthy abundant lifestyle.

I LOVE all of Melissa’s new products that she has to offer in helping us get healthier. Her smoothies are INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS! My favorite is the Incredible Hulk! Melissa told me that this is also her customers favorite drink! If you are not sure what drink to order, Melissa will be glad to give you a taste sample!

Melissa offers a full menu of healthy products that will help you get unstuck! Her juice cleanse is amazing. You can choose 1,2 or 3 days. If you are not sure how many days you should do the cleanse, Melissa will help you with your decision. Just stop by her store and ask her for direction!

Check out all the Healthy products Melissa has to offer at Wheatgrass Juice Bar!

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