What in the ‘heck’ is going on? Part 1

Do you find yourself asking “what in the heck is going on?” Maybe not in those exact words, in fact, my grandson will tell you, “Nana, its not nice to say heck.” But seriously, do you wonder what’s going on in the world, your family, your job, your friendships or relationships? Does it seem like all hell is breaking loose in every aspect of life? I believe I know the reason, and you can take it with a grain of salt, or you can investigate for yourself by searching the Word of God and find out what He has to say on the subject. The subject you ask; demons. OK, before you stop reading this, or dismiss it as hog wash, I am here to tell you; demons are real! In fact, writing about demons makes me a little uncomfortable because it places a bull’s eye on my back, let alone the unflattering criticism of a world that has been convinced the devil doesn’t exist. But my column is really God’s column, and I must be obedient to Him. So, we are going to talk about demons.

The enemy of our soul; the devil, satan, Lucifer, dragon, deceiver, thief, jerk, whatever you want to call him, is absolutely real, and he does not take a day off, nor does he take a vacation. The bottom line is, while he loves his work, he hates us and he hates God, and he will do anything to destroy us. Anything! He has invaded earth to wreak havoc (hell on earth) on everyone. (see Rev. 12:7-12) Demons are spirit beings that are here to steal, kill and destroy.

Demons use many strategies including, but not limited to; temptation, opposition, accusation, control, envy, flattery, wealth, strife, poverty, deals, affliction, condemnation, pressure, disease, sickness, corruption, lying, manipulation, killing, stealing, addiction, abuse, sex, etc… and the list goes on and on. The demons will use daily distractions, discouragement, disappointment, deception, anxiety and stress, to pry you from what you know as the truth in Jesus Christ. These demons will even stoop so low to use your best friend, your family member, your church family or even complete strangers, to bring total hell and confusion into your life.

We absolutely must understand how the demonic realm gains access to us and why all hell is breaking loose in our homes, our cities and across our country. There are three very basic ways we open the door to the enemy; we believe his lies, we give in to fear and we engage in sin. Another real biggie is not knowing what you believe, or having no belief in Jesus Christ, as this makes you an open door to the demons. It is literally saying “demons come on in and let’s party down,” and down is where you are heading.

Sin is the gateway drug to demonic activity. Sin may be fun in the sun for a season, but eventually there is a painful burn. Like sugar feeds cancer, demons feed off sin, surviving and multiplying with sinful activity. These demons invade the mind, corrupting your thoughts, manipulating, twisting and distorting things until you believe the lies. They also encourage holding grudges and un-forgiveness, inviting the tormenting spirit to take up residence in your heart and mind. (See Matthew 18)

Fear comes in many forms and most likely made its debut in a person’s childhood. Parents pay attention to your children and their behavior. If they tell you there is a monster under their bed or they have seen one in their room, it is no joke. There may not be a real life monster, but there is a tormenting spirit trying to bring fear into their life. A child’s spirit can be quite discerning and sensitive, and should not be dismissed. Instead, pray by faith immediately over the child and send that tormenting demon out of the house. Assure them God is with them and there is no need for fear. Let them know God’s perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18).

The enemy is a real, picking- on- kids jerk, slithering around their rooms looking for any opportunity to instill fear at a young age, paralyzing them into adult hood. I feel compelled to tell you to pray over your children and grandchildren at this very moment. You can pray, “I command every demon that has come to bring fear or anything else into the life of my child (say their names) or grandchildren and I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of them (their name) and to never enter them again!” (Read Mark 9:20-25, Matthew 10:8)

While it pains me to give this much space to the enemy, it is important the real enemy of our city, our region, and our country, be named and called out. The headlines may declare death and destruction, but we know the Good News and it is Jesus Christ. He has won the victory over sin and death! In John 10:10 Jesus personally explains, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they have life, and have it to the full.”

While Part 2 of Personal Encounters of the Demonic Kind is two weeks away, let me encourage you to follow the directions in James 4:7, “Resist the devil and he will flee.”

Theresa SBF Warrior head shotTheresa Rowe is the Founder of Shaped by Faith, Author of Guideposts’ Shaped by Faith, 10 Secrets to Strengthening Your Body and Soul, a Motivational Wellness Speaker, and Host of Shaped by Faith Radio.









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