Total Body Transformation

Melissa Gibson is an inspiration to so many people in our community and those who attend my fitness classes at Owensboro Christian Church Recreation Center. Everyone has noticed the transformation that has taken place in Melissa‘s body and in her spiritual growth. She started this healthy lifestyle journey five years and has lost a total of 170 pounds. Melissa talks about what prompted her weight loss journey and what keeps her motivated and moving forward. I loved her honesty when she talks about the days that she messes up that she does not allow her mess ups to discourage her from getting  right back on track. She shares her story of Faith and Fitness on Shaped by Faith this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 AM. You can listen on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM. You can also listen to her story on the Shaped by Faith Podcast.

Melissa truly is an amazing Woman Shaped by Faith!

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