The Art of Exercise

Shaped by Faith guest Rex Robinson is an incredibly gifted artist and sculptor who recently opened up a Visual Art Center in downtown Owensboro. Rex is using his God designed talents and sharing them with the our community and the world. His creativity is beyond inspiring and as we talked I could visually see his passion for the arts shining through him.

Rex has transformed the inside of a business building to a Visual Art Masterpiece. He lives and breathes creativity and shared how he got started as an artist and his plans for the future.

Visit Rex Robinson’s Visual Art Center to find out all the amazing services Rex offers our community!

You do not want to miss this interview! Listen to Rex Robinson on Shaped by Faith this Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8 AM CT on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM  Listen Live:

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Check out Rex sculpting the exercise ball! This exercise is great to help bring circulation into the hands, wrists and fingers. Work with a small weighted ball a few minutes each day to relieve pain and arthritis!


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