Jessica Green

Hello! I currently take your Total Body Challenge at OCC and was signed up 6 weeks ago by a friend for the fitness aspect. While I enjoy the class and the fitness I was in a much greater need for the spiritual uplift and faith formation, then I realized. You have made a tremendous impact … Read more

Natalee L Little

I have just started reading your book Shaped by Faith. In chapter 6 – transform, there is the example of a tadpole to a frog. F.R.O.G. – means “Forever Rely on God”. Sounds like you have done exactly that. I have some health issues, fighting diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My husband had … Read more


What a blessing to find your site and your ministry! I am a Pastor’s wife from good old Kentucky living in South Dakota and ministering to a small mission church. I was looking for some sort of Faith based exercise, since I am a mommy who is sorely out of shape, and I found your … Read more

Kathy Watson

Theresa I’m reading your book and wanted to thank you for taking the time to share. I have been overweight and depressed for sometime but always was a “good starter” but never a finisher of anything like diet and exercise. Now that I’m reading your book I feel hopefully that I can make healthier choices. … Read more

Joyce Rios

Theresa, I’d like to say “thank you!!!” for helping me work out today! I felt this workout (only did the upper today) was perfect for me to start with. It got me moving, it wasn’t too difficult, but I admit I stopped at one point (but picked right back up when you switched to the next … Read more

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