Rich Inheritance awaits God’s children

“Now we’re no longer living like slaves under the law, but we enjoy being God’s very sons and daughters! And because we’re his, we can access everything our Father has—for we are heirs of God through Jesus, the Messiah!” Galatians 4:7 (TPT)

For most of us, we would choose new clothes over used or old clothes. Inheriting your brother or sister’s clothes was considered hand me downs, and a very common practice in large families. The family sharing process was not unusual, sometimes expanding to cousins, and routinely necessary for families trying to make ends meet. I have heard stories from some families that unhappiness with your inheritance was seen as lacking thankfulness and met with swift condemnation.

Illustrations of inheritance are mentioned over two hundred times in the Old Testament with the story of Moses and the Promised Land being the most memorable. You know the story; the children of Israel become disgruntled with the expectations of their inheritance, and actually want to return to Egypt and slavery rather than endure the difficulties of taking the Promised Land. Sadly, they chose their known past and slavery, and surrendered the future promise from God.

For a person adopted, or someone who never met their biological parents, discovering information about them can be valuable therapy, and resolve a measure of curiosity. My biological father has chosen not to meet his firstborn daughter, and while hurtful, it has not kept me from wanting to research his genetic “hand me downs.”

God’s Word tells us if we are rejected we should “shake the dust off our shoes and move on.” I decided to bypass my biological father and send a saliva sample to a DNA company to discover the story of my ancient ancestors, origins, and ancestral background. This company promises to tell the story of who you are and how you are connected to populations around the world. Through your DNA your heritage is traced through the centuries and uncovers clues about where your ancestors lived and when.

While the report carefully explained that I was 100% European and my people lived in Ireland, it went much further. My ancestors were 65.3% Celtic, Saxon, and Viking. More specifically, the report provided quite a bit of information about my physical health and body traits. It was quite fascinating, as the test explained about my hair and eye color, hair texture, skin, diet, weight etc. It discussed muscle composition, and suggested the foods to eat and those to avoid. My husband, always the jokester said, “Now, instead of a Warrior in Training, you are, VIKING PRINCESS Warrior in Training!”

While my DNA results provide a very detailed presentation of my traits, physical characteristics, and nomadic ancestry, it fails to offer any insight about spiritual matters. God’s Word is the source for all things spiritual, and our spiritual DNA story begins in Genesis 1:27, “So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.” I believe this goes beyond physical image and denotes a relational emphasis similar to a Father and a child. The closer we draw to Him, the closer the spiritual likeness to the Father.

By New Testament times the question becomes, “What must I do to inherit eternal life? Once again we must make a choice; to remain a slave to sin, or accept the gift of Eternal Life? For those who choose Jesus, and eternal life, Paul designates their new position in Galatians 4:7. “Now we’re no longer living like slaves under the law, but we enjoy being God’s very sons and daughters! And because we’re his, we can access everything our Father has—for we are heirs of God through Jesus, the Messiah!” (TPT)

Isn’t it time to dust off the complacent life? Jesus did not simply save us FROM our sins; He called us TO move closer to Him. When we first come to Christ, our inheritance begins, but He is so generous, He wants us to have more. As we mature in our relationship with Him, we experience His Kingdom life before ever reaching heaven! His Holiness makes us whole and joyful! He removes the slave clothes, and replaces them with fine robes, and His newness of life!

Shaped by Faith Prayer

Lord, because Your DNA is running through my veins I know for certain my inheritance is waiting for me in Heaven. Until that time, I desire to live a life that is holy and worthy of Your calling. I want to please You Father in everything I do. Forgive me for the times I have been stubborn and hard headed, doing things my way instead of Your Way. Shake me Up Lord and sift me quickly so I can get on with Your assignments. Thank You Lord for loving me and for always standing by me through it all. I love YOU! Your Daughter, Theresa




















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