Religion & Politics & Squats OH MY!

ron-sharpAn old adage says, “Talk to me about anything except religion and politics!” One’s religious identity and political preferences are personal and sensitive and had best be kept to ourselves, or so my generation was taught to believe. Religion and Politics do mix and actually overlap in many areas of our lives. We must be willing to discuss them, and to stay calm regardless of one another’s opinion’s and views. We must be willing to talk through our beliefs without arguing or becoming violent.

This past Tuesday was election day across the country, and Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States.  He will assume the office of President on January 20, 2017.  For many believers in Christ, the choice between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a difficult one.  Some found it impossible to support either candidate based on either personal or political failures.

Now that the election is over, some questions remain.  To help us think through those. I have asked Ron Sharp, Instructor in Religion at Kentucky Wesleyan College, to join us on Shaped by Faith.  I encourage you to listen to the program, for while it deals primarily with politics, there is application to many areas of our lives beyond politics.

Listen this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI and 99.1 FM at 8 AM, CT.       You can click this link to listen live from anywhere

Ron demonstrates an exercise that you can do anywhere, its called a Dumbbell Squat. Starting out make sure your tummy is pulled in (Scoop) and your spine/back is straight. Push back in your heels as you go down into the squat. Practice correct form and alignment along with breathing deeply. You will soon find that your body is getting stronger and stronger the more you exercise it!

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