Power House Strong

Brenda Sharp is in her Ninth Month of her healthy weight loss journey. She has been through some ups and downs when it comes to weight loss and she openly talks about this on Shaped by Faith. She shares what its like when you feel like quitting and just doing what you want to do. She talks about staying connected to an accountability partner and making sure you check in with that person often. Brenda also talks about the importance of keeping plugged in with God, her Power House!

We discussed a broad range of topics when it comes to weight loss, menopause, depression, real life stuff that affects most women. Life happens for all of us and we can choose to shut down or keep moving strong.

Find out what Brenda is doing by tuning in this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI and 99.1 FM at 8 AM, CT.

You can click this link to listen live from anywhere. http://womiowensboro.com/listen-live/popup/
Power House Exercise that you can do too!


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