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Amy Cross of The Cross Legacy is changing lives around the world. Her “Strawberries in a Jar” produce hack on social media went viral and has been one of the most popular posts shared to date. Amy shared a technique to preserve strawberries for weeks: she says it’s simple but effective. Her preserving strawberries tip is only one small piece of the extensive bank of knowledge Amy seeks to share.

Amy’s strawberries in a jar caught my attention on social media, so I reached out to her, and she responded immediately. From the beginning of our conversation, I knew that Amy was a “go getter.” She is proactive in her approach to helping others. Amy is the 5th generation in her family that is reaping the rewards from living on a 200-acre dairy farm. She has been taught by her mother and grandmother how to garden, can fruits and veggies and raise chickens. They also taught her the importance of preserving foods to last long periods of time so that there is no waste.

Amy says that 30-40% of Americans throw away the food they buy simply because it goes bad before they can eat it. Amy loves to be right in the middle of teaching people how to preserve their produce and veggies to last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator. I decided to try this for myself with strawberries. So I did. And they are still in my refrigerator fresh and ready to be eaten! It’s amazing!

Amy has debunked the avocado myth that has been going around on social media. Whatever you do, do not submerge your avocados in water and then put them in the refrigerator! Amy says the avocados will absorb bacteria in the water. She does offer a solution for keeping your avocados fresh for weeks.

Amy’s recent hack “bananasinajar” is gaining momentum and is now helping families of little children eat all the bananas. The hacks Amy teaches have been featured in The Mirror, The Sun UK, The World News, and other news outlets around the world.

Her book I Bought It, Now What? Her book covers cleaning and storing the 25 most requested fruits and vegetables. This book is reaching families around the world. By utilizing cost effective ingredients typically found around your house and reusing items, these cleaning and storing tips will help you keep your produce longer, giving you a chance to eat it all.

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