Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith

Shirley Crowder is an author and freelance Christian writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Born under the shade of a Mango tree and raised as a missionary kid in Nigeria, West Africa, she is passionate about disciple-making. Shirley is a conference speaker, Bible study leader, biblical counselor, and co-host of a radio/TV program “Think on These Things.”

It was exciting for Shirley growing up in Nigeria as a missionary’s kid. She played in the hot African sun enjoying the great outdoors while exploring the landscape with her pet monkey. She was not afraid of big snakes or big lizards that made their appearance most days of the week. Shirley loved watching her parents in action at the Leper Clinic and took note of how they treated everyone the same, with respect. Her parents loved people and Shirley loved them too. This formed the foundation for her outlook on life, that we are all made in God’s image, and He loves each of us the same.

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