Changing Diapers and Changing the World with Rustic Songbird Lydia Walker

Local Guests
Local Guests
Changing Diapers and Changing the World with Rustic Songbird Lydia Walker
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It was such a pleasure to interview Lydia Walker. Lydia has been writing music since she was 12 years old. We recorded our radio interview by phone since she is in Nashville,TN. She is a busy Mom, singer/songwriter, worship leader at her local church and just released her newest album called, “Made for This.” 

I recently met Lydia when she was leading worship at a Christian Writers Conference. She has such a heart and passion for leading worship and for encouraging others to use their God given gifts for His glory.

Lydia is definitely passionate about music and motherhood. She talked about balancing time with family and time for music. She uses her music platform to encourage and inspire other moms and young ladies. She has a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 6 month Son. She is in the diaper changing stage!

Lydia mentioned one of her songs about motherhood and changing diapers. She said that Moms are changing the world while they change diapers. This is so TRUE!

The name of her song is, Changing Diapers & Changing the World. 

Check out this song and her music video

Lydia has a Podcast called, Rustic Songbird that helps inspire those who are in the music industry. You can check it out here

She uses her passion of music to inspire younger girls and women, and to help others have a meaningful and rich worship experience.

Lydia has recorded multiple albums, and loves to visit churches, providing special music or covering for worship leaders who need a week off.

Check out her website that offers;  music, lullabies, podcast, blogs and lots more that will encourage and inspire a person.

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