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Local Guests
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It was so enjoyable chatting with Tonya Marksberry. She is the Director of Student Health at Kentucky Wesleyan College. She is also the Manager for the Owensboro Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Tonya has such an interesting background in nursing and in taking care of animals. She raises cattle and buffalo on her farm!

She is one of the first graduates from Kentucky Wesleyan College Nursing Program. We talked about what got her interested in the health profession and how she first started out at a nursing home and then moved to working in the critical care unit at the Hospital.

Her passion for helping others is so obvious when you hear her talk or meet her in person. She really cares about the students at KWC and wants to help them with anything she can, but especially when it comes to their health and wellness.

She talked about the health services that are provided at KWC for the students.

Tonya offers a 5-minute fitness session for students in between classes or during their break. The students will always find a healthy snack if they need one in Tonya’s office. She says that they can just show up and she will give them something to eat.

Health and Wellness Week at KWC is coming up September 30 – October 4th.

There will be plenty of presenters available each day and all week long.

Join me during Health Week, for an outdoor Pilates class on October 2nd at 1:15. 

You can also join in on the fun of experiencing  Drums Alive on October 3rd at 2 PM.

Shout Out to Campus Ministries who is having Worship in the Grove October 3rd at 8:08 PM.

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