Jon Brennan & The Sozo Children’s Choir

Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith
Jon Brennan & The Sozo Children's Choir

Jon Brennan, one of the most memorable cast members of “The Real World,” that aired on MTV in 1993 talks about where the Sozo Children’s Choir from Uganda will be performing on Shaped by Faith.

Jon Brennan is a missionary who is serving God and helping rescue and disciple children in Uganda. The children are in the United States staying with host families and they will be performing in our area this month!

On May 13th, 2010, Sozo Children was born out of an immediate need to take seventeen children from suffering circumstances. Two missionaries, along with a few in the United States, found children neglected and hungry. When they discovered rats biting these children’s feet at night in their current living situation, they knew something had to change. Ten days later with the support of the Ugandan government, a new family-style home was created for them, complete with bunk beds, Ugandan mothers and fathers, and a vision to disciple them into the next generation of Christian leaders.

Today, Sozo Children operates multiple children’s homes in Uganda, that provide care for over 100 children. Sozo Children’s aim is growing our children in Christ by providing their basic and growth needs through our sponsorship program. Learn more about sponsorship here.

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