Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith

An award-winning writer, Jeannie contributed to two devotionals (Worthy Inspired), five compilations (Lighthouse Bible Studies), and Focus on the Family magazine. She writes for Refresh Bible Study Magazine and Hope-Full Living

Reader’s view Jeannie’s writing like a warm hug. Her author voice sparkles with encouragement as she shares stories from her southern roots and connects them to biblical truth. 

Jeannie combines her love for God and people with treasured table memories in A Place at His Table: God’s Daily Gifts to Satisfy Your heart, a 40-day devotional designed to help readers embrace God’s daily blessings. “Instead of allowing fear, doubt, and worry to sabotage your day, pull up a chair to God’s table, and find His gifts to satisfy your heart.”

Jeannie enjoyed her roles as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, and an assistant professor. She taught students from kindergarten to college and from more than 20 countries. Continuing her passion for teaching, she leads an online English Club-Bible Study for a small group of women who are learning English. She is an active member of her church and a mentor for Word Weavers International.

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