Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith

Jackie McCarthy did all the right things to take care of her body. She tried to eat right, exercise, and listened to her body. She had known for several years about her mitral valve prolapse and heart murmur. But when she noticed shortness of breath and fatigue after she exercised she knew something was up.

She was told over and over again that her symptoms were “normal” and she started to wonder if she was being overly anxious. When her symptoms did not improve, her doctor suggested she see a cardiologist. She began to see a cardiologist every six weeks and her physician’s assistant closely monitored her visits. After a year, she was advised to seek a second opinion.

After more testing, it was discovered that her mitral valve prolapse was in stage 4 and surgery would be required. The surgeon found a hole in her heart and ten pounds of fluid was drained during surgery.

Jackie McCarthy is here to say that you must be your own advocate when it comes to matters of the heart. She thanks God every day for healing her heart.

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