Local Guests
Local Guests

Sara McNulty, a Master Naturalist & Founder of the Friends of Rudy Mine Trails along with Gary Emord-Nestley, an avid cyclist and runner talk about all the amazing things that Rudy Mine Trails has to offer.

Sara shared the history of Rudy Mine Trails and what her experience was like growing up on the hills. She talked about why this place is so special to her and others. Her family operated a coal mine on the land and also used the land to graze cattle. She talks about the different buildings that were located on the land and what they were used for.

Sara discussed why was the land was sold to the state of KY in the early 90’s and how the land is being preserved and utilized by so many people who want to experience nature in all of its glory.

Gary talks about all the opportunities on the land to enjoy nature to its fullest while riding the bike trails and running on the land. He talks about the various training’s that take place on the land and the groups that come out to walk, run and bike.

Sara, talks about the wildlife management plots and various grasses and flowers on the land. She also discusses the way the land is being maintained and kept clean and all the upcoming nature walks and tours that are being given by Steve Hahus through the Audobon Society and Obbie Todd and many other volunteers.

Take a look at all the upcoming events on their Facebook page at Friends of Rudy Mine Trails.

It’s important we warm up the body and keep our Core strong! Check out Sara and Gary working their Core muscles!

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