Local Guests
Local Guests

Carole and Colby Macquarie, owners of Colby’s Fine Food and Spirits and Colby’s Deli care deeply about our Community and shares their Faith by showing love to everyone they meet.

They are trailblazers as restaurant owners in our community and are one of the oldest and favorite established restaurants downtown.
I cannot imagine the number of strategic meetings that have taken place within the walls of this restaurant that have impacted our community and the world.

You can hear how both of them met early on in their careers and worked together in the Restaurant business. They share how and why they decided to open Colby’s and Colby’s Deli downtown.

They also share the key to working together as a married couple and maintaining a strong relationship with their staff.

What is your favorite dish at Colby’s and why? Carole and Colby talk about their customers favorite dishes and how blessed they are to serve our community.

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