Christian Marriage, Faith, and Family with Jamus & Annie Edwards

Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith
Christian Marriage, Faith, and Family with Jamus & Annie Edwards
Christian Marriage, Faith and Family with Pastor Jamus Edwards & Wife Annie

Pastor Jamus Edwards and Annie are an amazing couple who talk openly about their Christian marriage, faith and family and how God kept their marriage together in the early stages.

Pastor Jamus, Pastor at Pleasant Valley Community Church in Owensboro, KY and Annie Edwards talk about what it was really like as a young married couple first starting married life together. They share what worked and what didn’t work so well in their Christian marriage. Most of all, they share their bond of love for God and for one another and how God brought them both together for His purposes.

I love hearing couples share how they first met and what their life was like in the beginning stages, and how it has evolved and matured.

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