Shaped By Faith
Shaped By Faith

Bobby Hayden is a singer, songwriter, musician and was famous as a child singing on every National TV show. He shares his testimony of going from performing on MTV to finding himself homeless and living in a cardboard box. When Bobby turned to Jesus, things started turning around for him. He still performs, but his heart is to help the homeless.

Bobby started the Cardboard Box Ministries to help people across the United States find hope again. The faith-based recovery ministry moved to Hendersonville only four years ago, but the program has been working with people experiencing homelessness and people with addictions for over a decade. Hayden said it all started when he first began sharing his story.

Listen LIVE 8 AM CT Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on WOMI Owensboro 99.1 FM/1490 AM.

7 AM CT Sundays on WGBF Evansville 1280 AM.

8 AM and 8 PM CT Sundays on College Radio WKWC 90.3 FM.

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