My Mediterranean Village Lifestyle

Rena Ayyelina has written a book called My Mediterranean Village Lifestyle. Her book connects the dots between old-world simplicity and newly understood knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle in a simple, common-sense narrative inspired by the tiny village of Lafka, Korinhias, in the Greek mountains.

Rena shared her story of her family immigrating to the United States when she was eleven years old. She is so appreciative of being able to live in the United States and to help others understand that our freedom should not be taken for granted.

We talked about nutrition and the importance of eating the foods that God designed as foods to eat. Rena addressed several tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Her book can be purchased at Check out her Facebook page for healthy tips, nutrition, and videos of her cooking!

Rena loves to exercise along with eating healthy. She demonstrates a simple exercise that we can do anytime!

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