His Appointed Times

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’   Jeremiah 33:3

Christine Vales has been a singer/songwriter and worship leader for nearly twenty years.  While she and her husband, Carlos were exploring the Hebrew roots of their faith, she discovered the Lord’s Hebrew calendar.

After several years of creating her own handwritten Hebrew/Gregorian calendar and journal, she sought to purchase one, but to no avail.  She knew then that this work was her next assignment.  In November of 2017, Christine was blessed to release the 2018-2019 edition of “His Appointed Times.”  This second edition of the calendar and journal is more in-depth and includes many new user-friendly and interactive features.

Her prayer is that connecting to His calendar only connects others closer to the Jesus, The Ancient of Days. Currently, Christine’s online teaching ministry is blossoming through her Youtube videos, website blog and posts on social media.  Christine delights in sharing the Hebrew roots of Christianity and the love of Yeshua (Jesus) with those the Lord brings along her path and she is blessed to journey with Him!

Christine and I met 5 years ago in my hometown of Owensboro, KY at a Women’s Conference. She was the worship leader for the, “Trash the Lies,” conference. God has gifted Christine as an author, singer, song writer, and teacher.  In October 2012, Christine released her long awaited third CD entitled “Masterpiece.” I am blessed that Christine and I was able to reconnected last year. We have been encouraging one another, praying and cheering each other on with the assignments the Lord has given each of us to do.

I was so excited about Christine’s new book, “His Appointed Times” A Hebrew/Gregorian Calendar & Journal that she recently published. In our radio interview, this weekend, Christine explains why its so important to know the purpose and significance of God’s Hebrew calendar. Christine says, “with everything we have on our calendars…wouldn’t it be great to see how they fall on His?!”

Connect with the Ancient of Days and His prophetic calendar and watch Him encourage and ordain your steps as you do! 

As you open “His Appointed Times” calendar and journal, you will discover…

  • How The Lord established and keeps time
  • The Lord’s appointed times and why He set them
  • The Hebrew months and how they correspond to the Gregorian calendar
  • The prophetic characteristics embedded in each month
  • A practical way to record your prayers and praises
  • His prophetic timing manifesting in your life
  • “His Appointed Times” by Christine Vales…Now available on  https://www.christinevales.com/calendar-journal and Amazon.

I also love Christine’s Monthly Chalkboard Teachings that she posts on her Facebook Page and her website. Check out this Month!


You can listen to Theresa Rowe and her inspiring Shaped by Faith guests on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM Owensboro on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8AM CST or on WGBF 1280 AM Evansville on Sundays at 8AM CST.

Shaped by FAITH Prayer

Lord, we are so thankful that our times are in Your hands! Show us those hidden things that we do not know yet. Help us to mature Up quickly as we connect with You Father. We desire to know Your plans and strategies as we move forward in this Month of Iyar. We seek Your Divine Connections in everything we are doing. Show us Your Way! We need Your insight, wisdom and revelation to know how to transition in this Month. Father, we depend upon You as our Healer, Provider and Defender! You are our strong tower and strength! We Love You Father! Amen!



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