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“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

– 1 Corinthians 6:19 – 20

I have learned that the greatest motivation for living healthfully is found in my Spirit – my connection with God. There is an amazing, often untapped, interconnectedness between our physical and spiritual selves. If we focus on our relationship with God and the spiritual lessons we learn, we can redirect the course of our fitness journeys. In other words, by allowing our spiritual walk to support our physical walk, and by realizing how profoundly our physical growth affects our spiritual growth, we embrace a merging of entities that will lead us closer to living a full abundant life, our best life possible.

I have been a Health Coach for more than thirty years and I have found that without God as the main focus—the point—of my health journey, I would soon reach my plateau and burn out. What’s more, as I engage in the constant challenge of maintaining a healthy body, God’s spiritual truths take on new, stronger meanings and applications in my life. I have gone through many, many trials, and I know that my ability to overcome them stemmed from both a physical and spiritual core. That is whole-person wellness at its best—our spirits and bodies working together to make us healthier, holier, and more able to endure.

My experience in this profession is what I offer as help and you have full access here to my Television and Radio Shows, YouTube Channel, Blogs, Fitness Class information, Shaped by Faith Workouts, Apparel, and Products in the Shop, many Testimonials like these below, plus much more! Please feel free to ask me any questions, leave comments, share my website, and get active on my social media with others too. I want to hear from you and help you get started and on your way to living a healthy abundant life. Are you ready to take that next step and get started on your journey to whole person wellness? 

Fitness Students – Success Stories

Do you exercise? Yes, I walk daily with the LORD.

That was about the extent of what I could get in for exercise. Walking and hiking.  As a homeschooling and stay at home mom, trying to find time to exercise is an ongoing challenge. Then there is staying with it. I am always on the search for a way to fit in daily, consistent movement. As usual, I was getting bored with the routine I had. Frustrated with the music, culture and types of routines I was finding, I decided to take my problems to the Problem Solver. I prayed to God for Him to lead me to someone I could exercise with. After my prayer, I remembered that I had saved a workout from Pureflix called Shaped by Faith. I started with the Whole Body workout. Cardio, core strengthening and SCRIPTURE!! I had never seen anything quite like it. I was so excited. I have been working out with Shaped by Faith since January and I have already lost 15 pounds just by adding in 30 minutes a day with Shaped by Faith. I have made it part of my family’s fitness routine now.

My husband and I workout together and I use Shaped by Faith for homeschool fitness with my 10 year old daughter. Working out with SCRIPTURE is my favorite part. It is just the encouragement I need each morning. All the workouts are family and any age friendly. You can adapt them from easy to difficult. I definitely recommend Shaped by Faith, I wish I knew of Theresa and her ministry sooner but all in His perfect timing. Truly the first time I have been working out to get fit for His Kingdom and I feel Him blessing and healing our bodies as we meet with Him each day with Theresa in our workouts. I encourage everyone to get fit the Kingdom with us.

Angela Hollon Founder of Herbs of the Torah Co-Founder of Set Apart Farms

All my life I have struggled with up and down and maintenance of my weight. As a preteen and young teen I would sneak sweets and junk food any chance I got. I destroyed my metabolism with many years of take out and processed food in my early twenties. Eventually I started and dutifully dieted on a restrictive plan for a couple of months. The problem with that is the diet was not meant as a way of life or for long term. This created a very volatile situation in which my body was not letting go of water. So I was retaining water on top of binge eating and on top of gaining 80 pounds in a short span of time. I reached a point where I was the only one in my house getting an illness, as well as had stopped breathing 3 times, and couldn’t catch my breath.

I have children and my children require professional supervision. I realized my children need me as long as possible, and it’s my job as an ambassador of Christ to honor God with my body, my mind, my soul, and my spirit. I took a real look in the mirror, was honest with myself about what needed to change, and began educating myself about nutrition and proper weight management. Even though I had the heart for it, I couldn’t do any of the workouts I kept trying to do. Even the ones that said anyone could do it. No matter how easy they were, I had abused my body for so long, I couldn’t even make it through an 8 minute workout.

I was on a Christian YouTube channel looking for a movie to watch, when I happened upon an entire season of ‘Shaped by Faith’. The very first session I tried, I thought, “This isn’t so bad!” And after 5 minutes, Theresa said the workout was over… wait, WHAT!? And just like that, an entire half an hour workout was over, and I had completed it! I knew something was different with Shaped by Faith. The way Theresa welcomes you, all the God given scriptures she vocalizes during a workout, it all works. And it works because God is there and involved. God should be involved in every area of our lives, including working out, and especially in reverence of our earthly bodies He has gifted us. Theresa does just that. Which is why Shaped by Faith, and Theresa Rowe stand apart and why her ministry is effective for me.

Where everything else has failed and I’ve failed everything else, I have succeeded with Theresa’s workouts. I began seeing a change in my abdomen and inner thighs after the first 3 sessions. I really began seeing it after 2 weeks, and everyone else began seeing it around 4 to 6 weeks.  In total, Shaped by Faith combined with eating whole foods and staying within recommended calories, I have lost and kept off 70 pounds as of the end of 2023!

I never feel alone during a workout, Theresa is very anointed in where the Lord has placed her, and there is power in the Word of God she speaks. You really have to experience it for yourself. And let me tell you, it works! I did hit a major life change in May when I found my Mother had passed and due to her own choice. I could have given up, but even then I chose to seek the Lord and one way I did that was going right back to Shaped by Faith workouts. The struggle of my body becoming healthy again tied in with the Living Word of God for my spirit and mind really helped me overcome the physical, emotional, and mental pain and injury. There is power in Jesus. And there is power in Theresa’s ministry.

To hear my Radio Show interview and more from Amanda click here to listen.

I had major back surgery followed respectively by hip replacement surgeries 6 and 8 months later.   Even though I had gone for physical therapy I sensed that I was at an impasse physically.  I knew that I needed to be involved in an ongoing physical exercise regimen and knew that the Lord would enable me to find just the right one.  I had lost much strength and stamina due to my surgeries.  Some simple tasks had become almost impossible for me, such as standing up from a chair without pushing off, or getting back up to a standing position from a reclining position.

I was amazed the first time I stood up from a laying position and I didn’t struggle.  I normally stand at the back of a large gym area, quite a way from Theresa.  When class was over that day, I told her how thrilled I was to be able to get up without help.  She told me that she saw me get up and was so pleased for that BIG step forward!  So, even though there are other women in the class, she was aware of the hurdle that I had overcome.  That meant so much to me!  She has also incorporated exercises that focused on strengthening me to be able to stand up from a sitting position in a chair.  That has been major as well!  And the list of improvements goes on and on!

When exercising I feel invigorated, even though I am exhausted.  While exercising, she quotes Scripture verses which refocus my attention not on my weakness but on the strength I am gaining.  Constantly I am reminded that in my weakness, yes, even physically, He is strong.  I am reminded of a song that says, “His strength is perfect when my strength is gone, He carries us when we can’t carry on”.

weight loss success story shaped by faith

I have lost over 115 pounds so far this year, going from a size 28 to a size 14 in about 10 months, thanks in large part to the Shaped By Faith group fitness classes.  The dietary changes I have also made have definitely helped me shed the pounds quickly, but I credit the strength training, cardio, and Pilates I do in class for drastically changing my body composition, increasing muscle mass, and improving my strength, flexibility, and endurance.  I can honestly say I had never really enjoyed Pilates until I began attending Theresa’s classes regularly. I also love the combination of faith and fitness and the prayer and devotion before and during every class.

Theresa is a great instructor and is always prepared with a modification or a progression and encourages everyone to work at their own level.  I love feeling like I am free to change things as I need or want to in order to make my workout work better for me.  And the variety of exercises and the appropriate pacing of each class ensure that the classes are never boring.  You will never do the exact same workout twice.  I can’t say enough great things about Shaped By Faith group fitness classes and Theresa Rowe!

dramatic weight loss success story shaped by faith

A little over 4 years ago I started my weight loss journey. After a year of walking and some jogging, a friend recommended Total Body Challenge at Owensboro Christian Church.  After a lot of fear and anxiety I decided to attend a class. I wasn’t prepared for this new experience. I had convinced myself that a class like this just wasn’t for me.

I just expected in this group setting, everyone would be watching the new person. I was expecting everyone to be staring at me, but instead it was the complete opposite.  There were so many welcoming faces, it blew my mind! It was so much fun!

I was struggling personally with my faith, but each time I went to the Total Body class I felt closer to God. The words Theresa would speak made me feel like I was the only one in the room. She always had a way of saying what I needed to hear at just the right time. It gave me strength to try new things, stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. Without that first step, the leap of FAITH, I truly don’t know if I would be here, 170 lbs lighter, and stronger than I ever have been. I can do all in Christ who strengthens me! My body and heart has truly been shaped by faith.

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