Having a Ball with Deena Ashley

Shaped by Faith guest Deena Ashley is a singer/songwriter/MC/speaker.

She has enjoyed singing as long as she can remember. With no formal voice lessons or music lessons Deena relies solely on the talent God has blessed her with to bless others.

Deena performs all over the country and is a co-host and singer for Friday After 5 Glenn’s Gospel on the River. I believe the two of us could have talked all day and not run out of things to share with one another. We truly are Soul Sisters through Christ! Deena attributes all of her success and joy to God. She gives him the glory for everything in her life and she continues to live out each day with love and passion.

To keep up with Deena and to find out where she will be performing next, check out her Facebook page Deena Ashley Baumgart.

We both had a blast during the Shaped by Faith exercise segment! Even in 3 inch heels, Deena beautifully demonstrated a Wall Squat with the Ball. This exercise will help massage and strengthen the spine as the ball rolls up and down on the back. I also love the strength training aspect of this exercise as it strengthens the entire lower body. Start out by doing 8-12 Ball squats and see how your body feels.

For more Faith & Fitness visit https://www.shapedbyfaith.com/   

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