Friends of Sinners Women’s House Recovery Center

Jessica Lee, FOS Women’s Supervisor and Haley Jones, Women’s Assistant Supervisor took me on a tour of the new house. Friends of Sinners is a Christ centered rehab recovery facility for women. This beautiful new home accommodates 12 women who become like family to each other as they learn how to depend upon God and trust one another.

The Friends of Sinners recovery program includes plenty of class room work that offers life skill classes, bible studies, recovery group meetings, mentoring program, discipleship program, celebrate recover, 12 step meetings and much more. God is definitely glorified in the program

The women go through 4 different phases and stay in the program for one year. They find out that they can live a life free of addiction. I love Jessica and Haley and their hearts to serve God and to help these women. Jessica was the very first lady who went through this program when it began. She is an amazing lady with an amazing testimony of what God can do when we allow ourselves to surrender to Him.

Take a look at the video tour of the Women’s Home. I couldn’t help but to include a few exercises on the tour! Keep fitness simple and fit it in wherever you are!

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Shaped by Faith Prayer:  Lord, we are so thankful that You call us Your friend. We come to You today with our hearts wide open and raw before you. You see it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. There has been so much pain and hurting that has gone on in our past. Help us to look forward and not back, as we rely upon Your courage and strength. Help us to cry out to You before things spiral out of control. Lord, we recognize that we are all sinners, saved by your Grace! Forgive us Lord when we do not recognize You as our friend and Lord. Help us to get our hearts right before You today. We love You and thank You for new beginnings.

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