Fear Not! God rules the day and night!

“God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self- control.” 1 Timothy 1:7

I love this time of year! My heart just smiles driving down the driveway early in the morning. The morning light seems to caress every leaf for maximum beauty and color. Even when overcast, God’s way with nature just turns it into another different adventure in colors. It is as if God has hand-painted each leaf just to attract my attention, and my body and mind welcome the rejuvenation. Many times midway down the driveway I stop and take a picture, just to savor it a little longer.

This time of year with daylight in short supply, I am returning home after dark. As I turn in to the drive, the lights of my car recapture my colorful leaf display from a new perspective. The ground along the drive is blanketed with leaves of many colors, wistfully floating and blowing with my car as it heads through the leafy gauntlet. Even in the darkness my God has his hand on my scenery.

For many, the long nights and darkness this time of year can make us restless and fearful. For others, depression tries to find any cracks in the warrior’s armor, aggressively attacking our joy.  While the darkness now reminds me of my need to maintain a personal deep relationship with Jesus Christ, as a child I was uneasy and fearful of the dark. I would scare easily, not knowing how to process my feelings of fear, and keeping those feelings bottled up inside me. With the lights out, strange noises would torment, while shadowy figures lurked about my bedroom.

The darkness held me captive. My skin was clammy, working feverishly to keep my eyes open, too scared to fall asleep. After failing to stay awake, night terrors would awaken me to sweats and heart pounding fear. I would then lie awake praying the morning and daylight would come, soon.

Mixed in among the red, yellow and gold are some green leaves. Those green leaves struggle desperately, clinging to the branches, trying to survive another season. Satan used fear like green leaves, trying to control me for yet another season.  As a child in our house, I would have never considered running to my father’s room for safety or to be comforted. It was a different time; kids in our family just didn’t do that. In turn, fear remained season after season.

As a child, I did not know how to address the darkness or that there is an advocate against the workings of Satan. I did not know how to use the Word of God to pierce the darkness and allow the light to shine through. I am thankful Jesus is the light of the world, because without him, we are in darkness, a pretty scary place to be.

We are in a spiritual battle, with darkness dragging us down to its level. I carry the Sword of the Spirit in my heart and use the Word to come against the enemy. I declare, “Not today, not tonight, not ever again Satan! I am wearing the Armor of Light and no weapon formed against me will prosper! And greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!” I have no fear because God is with me! And by the way Satan, “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self- control.” 1 Timothy 1:7 ESV

“Night’s darkness is dissolving away as a new day of destiny dawns. So we must once and for all strip away what is done in the shadows of darkness, removing it like filthy clothes. And once and for all we clothe ourselves with the radiance of light as our weapon.” Romans 13:12 TPT

As we grow and mature in the knowledge of God’s Word, He brings us to a new level of rest. When we place our trust fully and completely in Jesus Christ and him alone, we become tranquil warriors resting in him. Not resting like a Sunday afternoon nap, but rather a confident warrior regardless of the ongoing battles in the flesh. John 15:15 explains that special relationship this way, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

It is time to take the Word, pull back the bow, and let God direct the arrow’s flight. God is always right on target! He has already won! Satan already knows he’s lost, so be fearless for Jesus!

And trust that your fearfulness is vanquished when you run to the shelter of the Father and his love.

Shaped by Faith Prayer

LORD, we know that with You, all things are possible to those who believe! Help us with our Faith Walk, to fully trust You with everything. We know that You have already defeated they enemy, and You are calling us to walk with a boldness knowing that You are in control. Help us to recall the many times how You saved us from the enemy of our soul. Help us LORD, to walk boldly and not in fear. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.










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