Divine Reflection

Brenda Sharp is learning that in order to live life to its fullest she has to live uncomfortable most days of the week. By this I am talking about being willing to change and shift quickly from one thing to another, including exercise. Total Body Challenge is a class that moves from one exercise to another without stopping, Brenda stepped into this class several months ago and she has now shifted into Total Body mode in everything she does. She knows that you never know what God is going to ask of us to do next, so we need to be ready to move quickly.

God keeps sending people into Brenda’s life who ask about her weight loss and her health journey. They stop her at the grocery store, at events she attends, her work, church and in exercise class. They want to know what she is doing because they see her physically changing. She has become a living example of what God will do when we allow Him to do His work in us. This month we talked about her progression and just how far she has come and all the changes that have taken place in her physically and spiritually.

Brenda is down 51 pounds and is still continuing to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise 6 days a week and spend plenty of time with God. She depends on God for everything including staying on track when it comes to her physical health. We recently went shopping to celebrate her 50 pound weight loss and this was a very surreal experience for her. Before this shopping trip, she did not like to shop at all. Her sweet husband, Ron would pick out her clothes for her because she was too embarrassed of the way she looked and it stressed her out. Well, shopping is part of my ministry and she had the best time finding some really cute clothes that look amazing on her. I told Brenda to get ready for another shopping trip real soon!

We should all celebrate victories and shopping is a fun way to celebrate!

Brenda wanted to demonstrate a challenging exercise for the core, the Plank! She shoes the modification and the progression! She is a Warrior! Look at her hold that plank like a pro!

Theresa SBF Warrior head shotTheresa Rowe is the Founder of Shaped by Faith, Author of Guideposts’ Shaped by Faith, 10 Secrets to Strengthening Your Body and Soul, a Motivational Wellness Speaker, and Host of Shaped by Faith Radio.

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