My Mediterranean Village Lifestyle

Rena Ayyelina has written a book called My Mediterranean Village Lifestyle. Her book connects the dots between old-world simplicity and newly understood knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle in a simple, common-sense narrative inspired by the tiny village of Lafka, Korinhias, in the Greek mountains. Rena shared her story of her family immigrating to the United States … Read more

Blessing Your Body with Dr. Pamela Legate

Shaped by Faith guest, Dr. Pamela Legate has been a Naturopathic Doctor for over twenty years. People from around the world have sought her teaching and counseling in natural health principles. Dr. Pam imparts natural health living choices from the Scriptures encouraging people to walk in wholeness and the identity of who they are in … Read more


Shaped by Faith ( guest Michael Darr  weighed 360 pounds in 2013. He told me that during this time of his life he didn’t go anywhere and didn’t care if he lived or died. He openly discussed his depression and how God came alongside of Him and lifted him out of the pit of despair. He … Read more

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