Shaped by Faith guests today Leslie Blake, receptionist at Wendell Foster and John Gleason, Community Outreach Specialist at Wendell Foster. Both of them are very involved in a new campaign for Wendell Foster called, “Respect Starts Now!” “The Respect Starts Now!” Campaign is structured to influence students to show respect to all. The campaign:  … Read more

Prayer, Posting, and God’s Divine Plan

Since childhood one of my mottos has been, “There is a place for everything and everything in its place.” As a schoolgirl, I remember waking up early, making my bed, cleaning the entire house, rearranging the furniture, putting on my school uniform and all this before my family would arise. My early morning adventures were … Read more

Total Body Transformation

Melissa Gibson is an inspiration to so many people in our community and those who attend my fitness classes at Owensboro Christian Church Recreation Center. Everyone has noticed the transformation that has taken place in Melissa‘s body and in her spiritual growth. She started this healthy lifestyle journey five years and has lost a total … Read more

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