Sozo Children’s Choir

Jon Brennan, one of the most memorable cast members of “The Real World,” that aired on MTV in 1993 talks about where the Sozo Children’s Choir from Uganda will be performing on Shaped by Faith this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM @ 8:00 AM CT. Jon Brennan is a missionary … Read more Sozo Children’s Choir

Where FAITH meets Fitness

I didn’t cringe as my blood splattered on the goggles of the cardiac surgeon. He had pre-warned me of the possibility during the meeting prior to my heart catherization. The Geyser- like spurt as he inserted the catheter into the carotid artery, and the swift, rhythmic switch out of the goggles by his nurse seemed … Read more Where FAITH meets Fitness

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