Freedom in Christ

In some families, relatives can easily be recognized by their physical appearance. It may be their eyes, or the shape and size of their nose, or perhaps they have a chin dimple like Kurt and Michael Douglas. For some, it may be the over exaggerative facial expressions. Sometimes their mannerisms and posture are surefire giveaways. … Read more

The Art of Exercise

Shaped by Faith guest Rex Robinson is an incredibly gifted artist and sculptor who recently opened up a Visual Art Center in downtown Owensboro. Rex is using his God designed talents and sharing them with the our community and the world. His creativity is beyond inspiring and as we talked I could visually see his passion … Read more

Father knows best

Obedience is one of those challenging internal heart issues that require an external conversion to positive action. Yes, to be obedient is to submit yourself to the authority of another. I have heard it said, “Obedience is easy as long as I get to do it my way.” For some, obedience seems to come easily … Read more

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