Sensitivity Training; Diving into the Deep

  We seem to be living in a divided country. But this column is about awareness, not politics or political correctness. There are some who are sensitive and keenly aware of their surroundings and the needs of others. While others sit at the opposite end of the spectrum, oblivious to anything beyond their own needs and desires. Of course there is a … Read more

St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter

Shaped by Faith guest Harry Pedigo is the Director of the St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter for Men. Harry shared how St. Benedict’s got started and the history behind the homeless shelter. You do not want to miss hearing the miraculous testimony of what God has done for Harry. He is definitely shining the light of Jesus … Read more

Diagnosing Eating Disorders

I asked my guest Alicia Whear to come on Shaped by Faith to discuss the seriousness of having an Eating Disorder. Alicia shares her personal experience of dealing with Anorexia and give us great insight into the signs and symptoms of eating disorders. FACT: Eating Disorders are biologically-based brain disorders. Eating disorders affect people of all genders, … Read more

A Schmuck like me

There are times when I can be a real schmuck. It usually happens when I operate and react from my emotions, and my perceptions, instead of allowing God’s Agape love to steer the wheel. It is those times when I allow God to be my “co-pilot”, instead of Lord of my life. Every time I … Read more

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