Serene Relief Massage

Shaped by Faith guest Terry Pollard is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist at Serene Relief Massage, LLC. Terry shared his amazing story of how he became interested in this career field and his philosophy on massage therapy and healing the body. He also explained the different techniques of massage therapy and how to determine what type of … Read more Serene Relief Massage

‘Serendipity, the Splendor of God’s Reset’

Churches have their own language. Words like, disciples, apostles, Holy and hymns are commonly heard in church and among church people. Dr. Ed Young, a pastor in Houston Texas, added a new word to the church vernacular during a recent televised sermon. He introduced the word serendipity, and while commonly used to describe accidental good … Read more ‘Serendipity, the Splendor of God’s Reset’

Brennan enjoys real world with Sozo Children

Shaped by Faith guest Jon Brennan is the Pastor of Spiritual Development at Sozo Children in Birmingham Alabama. Jon is one of the most memorable cast members of ‘The Real World’ that aired on MTV in the 90’s. Jon moved to Alabama in 2007 and went on a mission trip to Africa. Since that first mission trip Jon … Read more Brennan enjoys real world with Sozo Children

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