The Green-Eyed Monster

Shakespeare coined the phrase, “The green-eyed monsters,” watching cats toy with their captured prey before eating them. He also said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul” and with that in mind, we will not be talking about cats and mice today.   Jealousy, that ugly green-eyed monster, is defined as the uneasiness felt … Read more

Total Body Transformation

It has been one year since Brenda Sharp joined me on Shaped by Faith radio each month. Last January Brenda decided it was time to live her life to its fullest and to do things God’s way when it came to her health and fitness. Little did she know she was stepping into more than … Read more

Serene Relief Massage

Shaped by Faith guest Terry Pollard is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist at Serene Relief Massage, LLC. Terry shared his amazing story of how he became interested in this career field and his philosophy on massage therapy and healing the body. He also explained the different techniques of massage therapy and how to determine what type of … Read more

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