2017 Blessing

I bless each of You to step into 2017 with boldness and a greater awareness and strength to serve the LORD with all of your heart, body, mind and soul! You must know how much God loves you and the plans He has prepared for you to walk into this New Year are ready for You. God is waiting for You to move closer to Him. Let us start this New Beginning with less of us on our minds and more of Him in our hearts, thoughts, actions, words and motives. God is Faithful, He is more than Amazing, He is the God of ALL THINGS made Possible to those who Trust and Believe in Him! Let us check the motives of our hearts everyday and allow God to show us the things that no longer serve Him. Let us check our thoughts and renew our minds everyday as we allow God to transform us from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. I bless each of You to allow God to unlock your hearts and to align everything within you to line up with His Will, His intentions, His plans, His motives, His design, His desires for You! I bless you to not worry or fret in this year because there is no time for that. I bless you to move forward with a Holy tenacity by the Holy Spirit and allow God to be the God of Your life! I bless you in your workplace to fulfill the higher calling God has placed you there to do. I bless you not to get frustrated and to operate in God’s Grace. I bless you to be filled to the brim with the Joy of the LORD and to allow His Joy to overflow onto others. You are dearly loved by GOD! God has “greater than” plans for You this Year. Your mindset and what you focus on will determine how this year will unfold for you. You have a choice to focus on the negative, and the toxic junk, or the blessings of the LORD. You have a choice to carry all your unhealthy baggage and regrets around with you this year, or you can lay them all down at the foot of the Cross and allow God to take them from you. I bless you to walk forward in the strength of the LORD as you allow the Holy Spirit to move in and through You this Year! I bless you to operate in the creative gifts that God has placed within You, and these gifts be used to glorify Him. To GOD be the Glory for His greatness is here Now and forever!
All of my Love,
Theresa Rowe

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